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Surgical Ward

The Surgical ward of Kanti Children Hospital offers the services of highly skilled surgeons who are aided by specialized equipments to perform surgeries on a number of complications and conditions. Padiatric Surgery was started since 1975 AD in Kanti Children’s Hospital. Surgical was is situated in the first floor of new building with so surrounding Wards SISU,OT,PICU & NICU. There are total 3 units and 30 beds is surgical ward in which 24 are free beds & 6 are paying . patients are admitted from ER, Observation Ward directly from OPD, Transferred out from SICU & POST Operative ward & from OT. Most of the beds are occupied most of the time.

The existing staffs in surgical ward

1. Sister In charge : Mrs. Devaki Lamichhane

2.  Staff Nurse – Mrs Sunila Shakya,  Mrs Luna Basnet, Mrs Subarna Dhakal,  Mrs Puja Malla, Mrs Laxmi Burlakoti,  Ms Bindu Adhikari

3. Ward Attendant – Tanka Thapa,  Krishna Kumari,  Sandhya Khadka,  Samchheki Sherpa,  Sharmila Shrestha

4. Cleaner –  Shyam Maya,  Bina,  Raju,  Dil Bahadur

Existing Equipments

  1. Oxygen Cylender -4
  2.  Suction Machine -2
  3. Nebulizer -1
  4. Emergency Drug Trolley -1
  5. Weighing Machine -1
  6. Syringe Pump -1
  7. Head box -2
  8. Pulse oxy meter -1

Goal of Surgical Unit

  • To provide curative & Preventive  nursing came to patients
  • To maintain the interpersonal  relationship between patients & visitors with staffs and other medical persons.
  • To provide pre-operative & post operative care
  • To provide quality nursing came and health education.

Strengths of Surgery Department

  • Total patient care
  • Good working environment
  • Good interpersonal relationship bet staffs
  • Rapid patient time over


  • Less man power in terms of nursing staffs compared to no of patients
  • Lack of updated training to carryout the special procedures
  • Less attention to pediatric surgical department.
  • Lack of by the water hospital management & administrative supply in procedure room
  • No visitor control, so difficult to perform the procedures and other assignments.
  • No provision of warmer for  wonted
  • Congested  room with out for ventilation nursing staff
  • Provision of only one toilet for all visitors and patients.


Surgical department is under the in charge ship of Mrs. Devaki Lamichhane. The duty is carred out in three shifts morning, Evening and Night. Routine activities are carried out in each shift like- pulup came post up care Dressing, wash out procedures regular educations, counseling to visitors etc.

 One year analysis of patients with surgical problems

Fiscal year 2067/2008 : Total no of Pt. = 1774

System wise disease



Castro intestinal



Hepatobiliary & pancrease
















There is need to increase the manpower in terms of nursing staff in surgical ward to improve total USG care. May be due to different reasons USG staff manpower is still in crisis. So source tstrong step has to be taken to recruit as well as location our staffs to fulfill the existing needs as well as for future.