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Social Work by Social Action Volunteers – Nepal (SAV) @Kanti

I am Happy to announce that we have survived the year 2011 in the history of SAV/KCHS and Our special thanks goes to our generous donors, supporters and well-wishers who had made their outstanding contribution

At the end of the year 2011, we look forward to a successful 2012 in terms of our services to the under privileged and genuinely needy sick children of Kanti Children’s Hospital. We are happy to have completed twenty three years as a non-governmental, non-religious, non-political, charitable social service voluntary organization in the welfare of children and women of Kanti Children’s Hospital. This wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our benefactors and well-wishers who have constantly blessed us with their good will Once again, On behalf of beneficiary children of SAV; I would like to express our sincere gratitude.

The year 2011 was an eventful year for us, and our regular activities/programs at the hospital were successfully completed by the end of December. We worked and served many children with the interest and requirements of the donors. So, I am very happy to report that SAV/KCHS has saved the lives of many underprivileged children and women of this hospital who had come from various rural village of Nepal to get the better and higher level treatment.

Another precious year of our life has passed out. Some of us have traveled more, others less on the way to our cherished Home. Soul is an indweller of the body for a short period only. Soul’s stay in the body may be compared to a traveler who stays in an inn for the night and leaves it with dawn of the day and goes on his way ahead. Why is man so much attached to it and its sensuous enjoyments? The body is not its permanent abode; it is only transitory. We have to make the beat use of it. It is the temple in which soul and God reside. We have to keep it holy and not pollute it with sins connected with the five passions, viz., Lust, Anger, Covetousness, Attachment and Egoism.

God is Love, our soul is also Love, and the way back to God can be achieved through Love. Men are in the clutches of perverted love. If it is developed in the right direction, under the guidance of a Living Master, way back is ensured by listening to the rapturous strains of the Word reverberating in all creation.

There is hope for each one of us. I wish a delightful happy New Year 2012: may it bring you new hopes and renewed vigor to traverse the way before you. Let us have sincere devotion and implicit faith in the Master Power overhead extending all feasible help to enable us to stand on our own legs. I convey you my sincere and heart-felt love on this day and wish you speedy progress, in New Year 2012.

Social Action Volunteers (SAV) is a registered non-governmental organization established with the patron ship of Late Rev. Father Eugene L. Watrin S.J, an American citizen, who had come to work on his mission in Nepal in 1960. Under his guidance and motivation, some dedicated health professionals together with social workers and intellectuals from different walks of life have united to establish a social service/voluntary work at Kanti Children’s Hospital to help the genuinely poor and sick children and women. And for the formal legal process, representative of SAV Bacchu Raj Basyal and patron Late Fr. Eugene L Watrin SJ conducted meeting with Dr. Narayan Bahadur Thapa Medical superintendent of the Kanti Children’s Hospital in which they agreed to encourage participants to join SAV. Since then the Director of SAV i.e. Bacchu sir has been carrying out the social service activities at the Kanti children’s hospital premises in which he mobilized the youth volunteers for the various voluntary Hospital social work activities in the benefit of the needy people as well as to assists the doctors and the nurses for the welfare and better services of the hospital. Later on SAV extended its services to provide medical support, nursing care, counseling, problem identification in the form of ward visit by SAV and other activities run by SAV are to conducted several blood drive program to fulfill the adequate required volume of blood by the hospital for various needy children. Likewise SAV has been running a common kitchen to supply necessary food for the breast feeding women, patients, and guardians whose social economic status is very poor which come from remote part of the country.

To provide the better services to the children of the hospital SAV has been running various memorable activities such as management of patient shelter house, running the play room for the indoor and the outdoor children within the hospital premises for entertainment.

Since the demise of late father Watrin SJ, SAV had been facing financial crisis to run its regular activities from 2004 to the end of 2009 and even though SAV has continued to work towards achieving the goal it has set for itself since its inception. Under the leadership of director Mr. Bacchu Raj Basyal and team of dedicated volunteers, this organization has been working diligently to help the needy patients of Kanti Children’s Hospital.

In the process, numerous socially beneficial programs have been organized, apart from the regular activities SAV helps.


– Free medicine for needy patients prescribed by the doctors.


– Providing food and nutrition to the children and their guardians/visitors.


– Make arrangements of required blood for the patients.


-Provide financial aid for medical investigations and transportation of the needy children.


– Provide shelter to the patient’s guardian before admission and after discharge and also space to cook their food.

Psychological and entertainments

– Provide entertainment programmes to both the admitted and non-admitted children through the In-door and the

Out-door SAV play sections.


– Provide reconditioned cloths to the deprived children, women and other needy ones.


– Necessary guidance to the visitors of patients suffering from leukemia, thalassemia, malnutrition and other infectious disease.

– Necessary guidance to the patients of sick children about the hospital environment.


– Provide financial assistance after the patients’ discharge, if necessary.


-Organized excursion trip/lunch to the cancer patient’s those who are treated for long time. (I.e. Zoo, Pashupathi, Swaymbhu etc.)

With expansion, SAV is making different effort to help the needy patients coming to the hospital. Due to the expansion of the hospital to 500 bedded hospitals, more patients will be needed to be taken care by SAV and categorize our sponsorship program to meet special need of the children as well as the sponsor pocket. The amount is determined by the type of sponsors (bronze, silver, gold and diamond) you choose to become.

Bronze Sponsor ($50/month) – your support is used to provide two nutritious meals to a child and mother for a month.

Silver Sponsor ($75/month) – your support will be used to provide two nutritious meal and two unit of blood for a child for a month.

Gold Sponsor ($100/month) – your support will be used to provide one investigation (CTscan, Blood, Stool, urin test) for a child for a month.

Diamond Sponsor ($200/month) – your support will be used to provide one week to one months full course of antibiotic medicine for a child.

SAV Activities


-Mobilize dedicated volunteers through round up (wards Visit) programs to visit ward and find out the needs of the patients.

– Mobilize volunteers to guide and provide necessary support to the patients and visitors.

– Mobilize volunteers to provide nursing care to the patients.

– Provide entertainment to the patients of the hospital through the in-door and out-door playrooms.

– Mobilize volunteers to provide information regarding the hospital through the SAV helping desk.

– Mobilize volunteers to provide and purchase the prescribed medicines through local pharmacy.

– Mobilize volunteers to clean up the hospital through the clean up campaign.

– Mobilize volunteers to supervise the daily provision of medicine, food, and blood etc.

Blood drive campaign

– Conduct blood drive programmes inside and outside the hospital in regular basis.

– SAV campaign to collect more voluntary blood donors for fresh blood and required blood(whole/FFP, Plasma, Packed cell, wash)

Medicine drive

-Collect medicine samples sent to doctor and nurses by medical firms and pharmaceuticals/trekkers and tourists visiting Nepal and handing them over to needy patients.

Food drive

-Mobilize the dedicated volunteers to collect the food

Stuffs/ food grain to run its free food program.

Cloth drive

-Mobilize the volunteers to collect reconditioned clothes, toys and stationeries

Fund raising

– Mobilize its dedicated volunteers to organize fund raising programmes like Cultural and art Show, quiz contest, cycle rally, to run its regular activities.

Mobile clinics/ Health camp

-Organize health camp as per the requirement of environment where people are away from health services and suffering from natural disaster.

– conduct necessary health camp on dentistry, eye, parasite and gynecology to the children and women

Health education/Health awareness Program

-Conduct audio, visual, awareness, training, workshops, publication and publicity

– Organize various health programs to promote the child and women health issues.

Volunteer mobilization/Exchange

-SAV mobilizes national and international youth, Skilled and non skilled, professionals experts of all level on its voluntary works.

-Mobilize energetic youth on the various level of hospital social work.

-Mobilize volunteers from all walk of life i.e. students from Medical/ Nursing background and Institutional students of Social service, Social work and BSW, MSW faculty.

– Create opportunities for voluntary works to the exports/specialists of relevant fields of health for better output.

Lending a helping hand

Setu Khadaka, 14 year old boy from Musikot had a colostomy due to accidental bowel injury incurred during surgery of renal stone. After series of attempts to fix the intestine were unsuccessful in Kathmandu, so he was taken to all India Institute of Medical Science, Delhi where he finally had a successful treatment, which gave him a decent life. (Keep the Photo of Setu Khadka Given Below)

Bhim Kumari Timilsina, 14 yrs old girl from Makwanpur also suffering from Rheumatic Heart disease with severe MS, MR got a new life after a successful open heart surgery with mutual value replacement in Institute of Cardiovascular Disease, Madras India as such surgical facility did not exist in Nepal in the late 1980s. (Put the Photo of Bhim Kr Timlsina Given Below)

Shristi Tamang: An abandoned child with hydrocephalous was left in as an abandoned condition.

(Keep the Photo of Shriti Tamang Given Below)

We hope this information written in this souvenir published on the speciall occasion of Golden Jubilee year brings light to the efforts of Social Action Volunteers (SAV) and the obstacles it faces in its endeavor for a positive transformation of the targeted groups. This a difficult time for all of us and we do need to make extra efforts for whatever goals we want to achieve. The year 2011 has not been an easy one and we certainly do not expect up coming year to be an easier but we do look forward to peace prosperity in Nepal.

We thank all of you for your support and cooperation that has held SAV together in its pursuit for a better situation for the needy children of the hospital.

Since SAV has completed its twenty three year as non-profit social service voluntary organization, we feel that certain changes are required in the organization to take the next step to bring potential result from our activities..

Finally, Congratulations and best wishes for the grand success of Golden Jubilee Year of Kanti Children’s Hospital, May the unending work for the good cause of uplifting children’s health and well being increase a hundred fold. So, would like to thank all our benefactors and partners for their support and hope this will continue in the days to come and our appreciation goes to Dr Ramesh Malla, Mrs Elsie James of Medical Mercy Canada, and the individuals who have provided so much invaluable cooperation and resources in support of our work. We wish you all a very happy new year 2012 and would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.