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Paedratic Anesthesia

                                                  Paediatric anaesthesia services scenario

Kanti Children hospital is located in the heart of Kathmandu and is the only tertiary level hospital of the country. It caters children under the age of 14 years.  This hospital since from its inception is providing good field to educate, teach and train the human resources of different levels.

Kanti Children’s hospital was built and established as a 50 bedded general hospital by the Russian government in 2019 BS (1963 AD).  Later in 2026 BS, the hospital commenced as a paediatric hospital with addition of 100 beds and since then it is serving sick children from all over the country. In 2033 BS, 50 more beds were added and anaesthetic surgical service was commenced. Since then, thousands of anaesthetic service is delivered to sick surgical patients. Now it has capacity of 500 beds with expansion of different branches.

Surgical and anaesthetic activities were started since the beginning. Anaesthetic services were first started in this hospital by Dr. T M Tuladhar by giving ether anaethesia and almost all the senior imminent national anaesthesiologist have graced the department by providing anaesthetic services in this institution during different times. Paediatric anaesthesia was established in 2033 BS by the national anaesthesiologists along with the help of various anaesthesiologists from UK. British council played a pivotal role to run the department by providing qualified anesthesiologist for five consecutive years.  After that, only Nepali qualified anaesthesiologists have been working in the department.

The anaesthesia department celebrated its silver Jubilee Anniversary in 2057 BS. Besides providing anaesthesia to the surgical patient, it is actively taking part in the academic activities as well. The entire post graduate Diplomas, MD Residents from PGMECC, NAMS and IOM-TUTH get exposure for paediatric and neonatal sub specialties.  Medical officers, Interns, Elective students from abroad and as well as from within the country, and nursing staffs are also get training and exposure. Now, residents of anaesthesiologist of first year and second year of NAMS, and second year  from IOM-TUTH  are getting training and exposure of paediatric anaesthetic as well as SICU Services regularly.

The department has two qualified anaesthesiologist, one registrar and one medical officer. Three consultants from different institutions are also contributing to run the departments.

Since last year anaesthetic services was extended for all the regular days as routine activities. 24hours emergency service is available. Services extended to Orthopaedic , ENT, as well as CT Scan from this year onward.

 In the fiscal year 2067-2068, total anaesthetic services provided for operations  are 2548, out of which 1850 for routine cases and 698 for emergency cases. In SICU, total of 342 patient are admitted.

The immediate plan of the department is to establish pre-anaesthetic  clinic  and kin to start pain management of different medical and surgical patients.  As the need of hospital for operative services is increasing with the increasing population, capacity of the operation theatres and SICU are to be extended. With this, expansion of human resources, upgrading of them by training and observations are also the necessities.

Dr Shanta Sapkota,   Dr Reshma Shrestha    Dr  Sangeeta Shrestha, Dr Pragya Sherchan