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Oncology Ward

Kanti Children Hospital has separate Oncology wings, it presently has services of Medical Oncology, Surgical Oncology, Radiation Oncology and Pediatric Oncology. Palliative care services are provided by expert team at the cancer centre. Day to day work is coordinated and supervised by resident Medical Oncologist who works as Oncology Registrar.

The different subspecialties in oncology are

Medical oncology

Surgical oncology

Radiation oncology

Pediatric oncology

Medical oncology

Modern anticancer drugs have helped to mount a major attack against cancer. For best results, a combined treatment using anticancer drugs along with surgery and/or radiotherapy has been practiced and the patients feel safe at the hands of experienced doctors at the Kanti hospital.

Surgical Oncology

The Surgical Oncology team specializes in removing tumors through surgery. Development of super specialty services in Head and Neck, Breast, Reconstructive surgery, Thoracic, Gastro-intestinal, urology/gynecology and bone/soft tissue oncology along with the use of laser micro-vascular techniques and multi-modal therapy has increased organ preservation, leading to a remarkable improvement in the quality of life without compromising on cure rates.

Radiation oncology

Radiation Therapy plays an important role in the treatment of approximately two-third of all cancer patients. It is often the treatment of choice as primary therapy for many cancers and is also used in combination with surgery or chemotherapy.