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History of Japanese Grant Aid in Kanti Children’s Hospital

History of Japanese Grant Aid in Kanti Children’s Hospital

                                                                                                                                                                Roshan Bajracharya

                                                                                                                                                Chief, Maintenance Officer

                                                                                                                                                Repair & Maintenance Section

 In 1963 A. D., Kanti Children’s Hospital was established as a general Hospital with the capacity of 50 beds. Then in 1970 A. D., it was converted to a Children’s Hospital with the capacity of 150 beds. The Government of Japan began its involvement in Kanti Children’s Hospital development in 1973 A. D. when two Volunteers through Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers (JOCV), a midwife and a nurse were dispatched to the hospital. Since then about 30 volunteers have been placed at Kanti Children’s Hospital. In 1983, basic medical equipments which helped to establish the hospital’s first Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) was donated in relation with JOCV activities.

                In 1986 A.D., under the Japanese grand Aid Program various renovation on existing clinical buildings, wards and medical equipments were many works in the areas like Casualty Department, Operation theaters, C.S.S.D., NICU/PICU, X-ray department, urgent clinical test room and Pathology department. An oxygen plant was also installed with numbers of physical facilities improvements.

                Along with time, the physical facilities started to deteriorate with a massive increase in use; Kanti Children’s Hospital was exploited beyond its capacity. As Kanti Children’s Hospital was the only Children’s Hospital in Nepal, so referral services and official training facilities of pediatrics from teaching hospital was also the responsibility of Kanti Children’s Hospital. Lack of effort and attention to the hospital made it very difficult for the hospital to cope with the ever increasing demand of patients for a quality service.

                To meet these growing needs and to resolve the increased demand for specialized pediatric training and health care services, Government of Nepal established a project for the expansion of the Kanti Children’s Hospital and made a request to the Government of Japan for grant aid assistance for the project in the year 1993 A.D.

                In response, the Government of Japan sent a basic design study team through the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) to investigate the details, including the current hospital situation, the proposed site, manpower budget, construction costs and other related issues. The Government of Japan decided to provide grant aid assistance for the project based on the result of the study.

                The notes for the first phase of the project were exchanged between the Government of Nepal and the Government of Japan in June 29 1993 and the notes for second phase in July 28, 1994.

                The first phase was completed in February 1994 and handed over to Kanti Children’s Hospital in March 1994. The second phase was completed in February 1996 and handed over in March 1996.

Scope of work

                The following items are included in the scope of work for the project.

First Phase – Project Cost: Yen 1,367,000,000

  • Construction work (Including Elevator, Electricity, Plumbing, Generator backup system, Air-conditioning, Ventilation work, Central Medical oxygen, Air, Vacuum system and basic furniture.
  • Medical equipment installation work.
  • Out-patient department (Medical, Surgical & Dental)
  • Emergency & Observation department
  • Central diagnosis department
  • Operation department (4 O.T.)
  • CSSD department
  • NICU/PICU department
  • Clinical Laboratory department
  • Surgical / SICU department

Second Phase – Project Cost: Yen 418,000,000

  • Construction work (Including Elevator, Electricity, Plumbing, Generator backup system, Air-conditioning, Ventilation work, Central Medical oxygen, Air, Vacuum system and basic furniture.
  • Clinical building for ORT/ARI, Seminar Hall and East connection corridor.
  • Renovation of existing clinical building and wards
  • Demolition work of existing old building.
  • Exterior work.

Result of the project –

The following are the results upon the completion of the project:

  • Service was provided to more number of daily patients that were admitted in the outpatient department (OPD), emergency and ORT/ARI department.
  • Service provided to the total number of annual admitted patient was increased by about 45%.
  • Due to increase in physical facilities referral service increased.
  • The number of operations done per day increased.
  • NICU, PICU and SICU improved their service efficiently and effectively.
  • The number of laboratories and diagnostic test performed per day increased.
  • Teaching and training activities are more easily conducted, especially examination, treatment and surgical operation.

The project carried out by JICA upgraded the field of health care in Nepal. Kanti Children’s Hospital is grateful to JICA for assisting the hospital in time of need. Kanti Children’s Hospital hopes to gain full support in days to come so as to establish itself as a landmark in the field of child health care.