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Dental OPD


The dental OPD of KCH is a regular OPD unit that runs from sunday to friday.

Services provided by this OPD include:

  1. General check ups and counsuelling
  2. Extraction of mobile, firm & decayed deciduous (milk) teeth
  3. Restoration (filling) of decayed deciduous teeth

(glass sonomer cement + miracle mix cement)

  1. Emergency opening of tooth abscessess
  2. Pulpectomy of deep carious & abscessed deciduous teeth
  3. Minor oral surgery
  4. Oral health education

Dental OPD Team

*    Senior Dental Consultant        –           1

*    Dental Surgeon                       –           1

*    Dental Assistant                      –           1

*    Office assistant (Peon)            –           1

There are 2 functional dental chairs in dental OPD.

The number of patients seen in dental OPD from 2067 Shrawan to 2068 Asar war 6077.

Table 1 : No of children undergoing dental procedures from 2067 Shrawan 1st to 2068 Asar end.

Procedures                                                     No

Extraction                                                       1755

Restoration (Fillings)                                      960

Pulpetomy                                                       510


Emergency opening of abscessed teeth

Excision of Mucocele                                     5


Long Surgical Extraction of impacted

supernumerary teeth                                        3


Admission case under E.N.T.                         20



Importance of Deciduous (Milk) Teeth


There are 2 sets of dentition in human life – Deciduous dentition & permanent dentition. Deciduous dentition include 20 teeth which play an important role as these teeth not only help the child in chewing food but also act as space maintainer for succeeding permanent teeth.

Normal concept in our society is to extract the deciduous teeth if any problem occur such as dental caries,tooth abscess or traumatic fractures. But, the thinking that is’s only temporary tooth & new tooth’ ll erupt in its place so there is no need to save it, is very wrong. There is certain age of eruption of every teeth. Premature extraction of deciduous tooth’ll cause loss of spare due to shifting of adjacent teeth in extracted space and the chance of eruption of its succeeding permanent tooth may be delayed, blocked or if it erupts, the tooth may be irregular in alignment leading to malocclusion.

Hence, it is very essential to preserve the deciduous teeth till the time of tis normal exfoliation.

The normal time of exfoliation of milk teeth are incisors (Anterior/front teeth) – 6-8 years

Carines                                                                                                            9 – 11 years

Molars (Posterior/back teeth)                                                                          10 – 12 years

Achivements :

We had one dental chair before. Now we have added another dental chair. We have started using old dental x-ray unit with the help of Mrs. Bimala Gyawali, person recruited by contractor.

We have started admission of dental cases in co-ordination with E.N.T. in  Annex. ward.

Space for Improvement :

We could still expand our dental services like restoration of permanent teeth,  RCTs. + scaling if we could have provision to add 1 more dental surgeon, one assistand &  a permanent rediographer.

Dr. Anarkali Shrestha

Dr- Neesha Shrestha

Dental Unit